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Crossing the Country by Bike in the Year 1895

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Crossing the Country by Bike in the Year 1895


Transcontinental Tour


From Wende Cragg: Newspaper review of the book The Wonderful Ride by George T. Loher (Harper and Row). Review written by Bryce W. Anderson. The book comes from the journal Loher himself kept about his bicycle ride with Thomas F. Cornell across the United States in 1895. Loher completed the journey in 80 days. Publication of review unknown. Date of review unknown.


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Title: "Crossing the country by bike in the year 1895"
Byline: "THE WONDERFUL RIDE BY George T. Loher, with commentary by Ellen Smith; Harper and Row, 146 pages, $7.95. Reviewed by Bryce W. Anderson."

Text: "Quite a few people have bicycled across the United States, although not enough to make the trip a commonplace. Not many had done it before 1895, when George T. Loher and Thomas F. Cornell, two young Oakland butchers, decided to try it.

Loher kept a journal. He wrote it for himself and his family and friends. Seventy-four years later, his granddaughter, Ellen Smith, discovered the journal. Embellished with her commentary and with pictures of Loher, his Stearn's Yellow Fellow bicycle, and places he visited, it became "The Wonderful Ride."

Cornell dropped out at Sacramento. But Loher stuck to the trail.

He didn't take the shortest route, either. He bicycled north all the way to Seattle, then headed east across Montana, the Dakotas and Minnesota. He broke the fork of his bike in Washington, wore out the tires and smashed the front wheel in Montana, lost his way in North Dakota where the only settlers he found were Germans who could not speak English, but eventually reached New York on Oct. 30, 1895, just 80 days after leaving Oakland.

It was, indeed, a "Wonderful Ride." And his account is fascinating reading."

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