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Breeze-Guy Tandem #8

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Breeze-Guy Tandem #8


Breeze-Guy Tandem Tour


From Wende Cragg: Newspaper article regarding the end of Joe Breeze and Otis Guy's second attempt to break the world record for crossing the United States by bike. The two stopped when Breeze was taken to the hospital for painful knee swelling. Published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Saturday, June 16, 1979.


Wende Cragg


San Francisco Chronicle



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San Francisco, CA

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Title: "Bad Knee Forces Bikers to Quit"
Byline: Our Correspondent

Text: "Salt Lake City

Tandem bicycle riders Otis Guy and Joe Breeze, who had pedaled from San Francisco to Salt Lake City in three days, called off their attempt to smash the transcontinental bicycling record yesterday when one of them developed painful swelling in his knees.

The 25-year old riders from Marin County had just pulled the heartbreaking Parley's Canyon grade east of Salt Lake City on their way to Wamsutter, Wyo., 250 miles away, when Breeze's knees "seemed to give out."

"Joe was in a state of collapse," said Andrew Ritchie, a member of the support crew. "He had to be carried into our motor home. He was in a state of shock. He was completely out for 30 minutes."

Ritchie said both riders were exhausted battling not only the 6 percent, ten-mile grade that lifted them 2000 feet above Salt Lake City but also "a brisk headwind whistling down the canyon."

Breeze was taken to a local hospital where doctors said he ran the risk of permanent damage to his knees if he continued riding. They advised him to take it easy for six weeks.

It was an enormous disappointment for both Breeze and Guy, who were running on schedule to make the run from San Francisco to New York in 11 days.

The two riders had tried unsuccessfully in 1976 to establish a transcontinental bicycling record and managed to get half way in six days when Breeze's knees broke down.

This time they had trained longer and harder for the grueling task, so they were filled with confidence when they left the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza last Tuesday on their custom-built $3500 racing machine.

They reached Reno in good shape on the first day, covering 260 miles and flying down the east side of Donner Summit at 65 miles an hour.

The second day took them to Elko, Nev., a distance of 295 miles, and on the third day they rode 229 miles from Elko to Salt Lake City.

Breeze said yesterday that his knee problem had begun while they were crossing the Great Salt Lake Desert on Thursday.

"We were bucking cross-winds and headwinds and we were pushing the pace pretty good. I noticed something in my knees. I had ice packs on them all last night," he said.

Fritz Maytag, millionaire owner of the Anchor Brewing Company of San Francisco, backed the record-smashing attempt with $10,000.

Informed that Guy and Breeze had been forced to quit, Maytag said he was "sad and disappointed for their sakes."

"It was an exciting concept. The reason it was exciting was because it was risky and unlikely to succeed," Maytag said.

Guy and Breeze, both certified as Class One racers by the U.S. Bicycling Federation, were shooting at the transcontinental bicycling record established last August by John Marino.

Marino, riding a single bike, made it from Santa Monica to New York in 13 days, one hour and 40 minutes."

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