The Pearl Pass trail is a rocky route 39 miles long and 12,705 feet high. In 1976, motorcyclists from Aspen decided to ride this dangerous route. After arriving in Crested Butte, they celebrated by parking their bikes in front of the Grubstake Saloon. The locals of Crested Butte thought this was an invasion and wanted to outdo the intruders by repeating their journey, but this time, on bikes! So that following weekend, a group of 14 local men and women rode their Klunkers (town bikes) up and over the pass. It took them two days, but when they finally reached Aspen, they got all the bragging rights. Word spread and this ride became known as the annual “Pearl Pass Klunker Tour.” Pearl Pass helped expand the innovation of mountain biking especially when famed Marin county riders, such as Joe Breeze, came and rode the pass. The Marin county riders brought their ideas with them, including the use of gears and toe clips.