The 6th Annual Pearl Pass Tour Application

6th Annual Pearl pass Tour Registration 1981

With the Marin invasion of the 3rd Annual (2nd actual) Crested Butte to Aspen Via Pearl Pass Klunker Tour proved to be succesful, the tour attracted many more riders to the rockies every year.  The sheer elevation gain, distance, hard terrain all proved to be a massive challenge that attracted many riders from all around.  The vast great nature of the Rockies via Pearl Pass provided an escape away from the world.  

As the tour attracted more riders each year, registration forms were sent to former participants each year.

The 7th Annual Pearl Pass Tour Registration

7th Annual Pearl Pass Tour Registration 1982

These registrations are Wende Cragg's personal forms.  The Mountain Biking History & Culture Archive thanks Wende for her contributions.   The registration form for the 5th Annual Pearl Pass Tour can be found here.