Family Tree

Chris Chance Company Family Tree

Diagram Created by Anaissa Garcia

A beautiful and complete "family tree" of New England builders can be found at the Angle & Poise blog


Below is a partial list created as part of the Freshman Seminar on Mountain Biking History & Innovation. 

Companies that eventually were started by Fat City employees or decended from Fat City Cycles in some way:

Independent Fabrication- Formed in 1995 by Fat City employees

Merlin Metalworks- Formed in 1986 by Fat City Welders

Seven Cycles- Formed in 1997 by Rober Vandermark

Firefly- From Boston formed in 2010 with former Independent Fabrication employees

A.N.T- Created by Mike Flanagan a former IF employee

Igleheart- Created by Chris Iglehear, a former Fat City employee

Zanconato- Created by Mike "Zank" Zanconato in 2008 who worked for Seven Cycles for 2 years

SCUL- Bike and chopper company created by Seven Cycles employees

Kualis- Created by Seven Cycles employee, Yoshi Nishikawa

Banjo Cycles- Formed in London with former Seven Cycles employees

333 Fab- Formed by former Seven Cycles employees

Icarus Cycles- created by former Seven Cycles employees

Royal H Cycles- created in 2006 by current Seven Cycles worker Bryan Hollingsworth 

Honey- Formed by fanatic group called the Beekeepers formerly from Seven Cycles

Salia- Created in Boston by Lauren Trout a former Seven Cycles employee

Grace Cycles- founded in 2004 by Roy Cervanter a former Seven Cycles employee