History and Insight of Chris Chance

Chris Chance Photo

Photograph of frame builder Chris Chance

A man, a skillset, and an inspiration, are all Chris Chance needed to set him off in the direction of frame building. From an early age he had already begun learning the ways of a master welder from his father and later as a submarine welder in Conneticut. He was first offered a job by Witcomb USA started by Richard Sachs where he worked out of a basement shop near MIT. With the creativity and intelligence of MIT rubbing off on him, Chris Chance set out building the best frames he could. He had an early passion for making the best bike he knew how, without cutting corners. At this time he was building high quality road frames that were tailor made to their riders. His goal was to create a relationship between the rider and their bicycle by making it exactly what they wanted with a level that could compete with the italian frames of the day. For every frame that Chris Chance built, he poured a little of himself into through hardwork and dedication to a frame of the highest quality. But, he was building for the wrong market. As soon as a customer recieved one of his bicycles they would immediatly look for what was wrong with the frame rather than enjoying the masterpiece of his creation. Over time, these kind of receptions of bikes that he put so much into turned Chance off from the road biking scene and almost to biking entirely. That was until he stumbled across the early form of mountain biking: Klunking.