Joe Breeze and Breezer One

Joe Breeze with Breezer #1

Joe Breeze was born in 1953. He was inspired to ride bikes by his father, Bill, who worked in the car industry but rode a bike to work. He viewed bikes as not just being recreational but also as a means of transportation. Breeze was a Category One road racer. He was a member of the Velo Club Tamalpais. In 1973 Marc Vendetti influenced him while in Santa Cruz to buy an old 1941 balloon tire bike from Alex LaRiviere, the owner of Branciforte Bikes, for $5. He was introduced to riding fat tire klunkers on Mount Tam in 1973 due to his friends Fred Wolf and Marc Vendetti. Breeze and his friends would ride on Mount Tam when they weren't road racing or training. Breeze and his friends would tweak their ballooners to better fit riding on the mountain trails. Charlie Kelly and others, after being done tweaking old bikes to ride that just fell apart on them after a while asked Breeze to build a bike for them that could withstand the stresses of riding on the mountain. Joe being a frame builder eventually said yes.

Fillet Brazing Bottom Bracket of Breezer #1 Horizontal

Joe Breeze working to creat Breazer #1

Breeze learned how to build frames from Albert Eisentraut after taking a 125 hour class from him in Oakland, California in April of 1974. Breeze also learned how to build and design from his father. Breeze used the knowledge he gained from Eisentraut and his father to design and build a bike from scratch that would stand up to being ridden on the mountain. In 1977 Breezer #1 was built. Joe Breeze's father took Breezer #1 for a ride and told Joe Breeze, "You know this could really go somewhere". Joe Breeze took his Breezer #1 for a test run on Repack and won. He created 9 more Breezers in 1978.

Joe Breeze near his drafting table

Joe Breeze next to his drafting table

Breeze went on to help form NORBA in January of 1983 and even designed its logo, which was used until around 2000. Breeze also went on to collaborate with other individuals and businesses to create bikes and parts. 1995 Breeze launched Team Breezer to compete in mountain bike competitions and also to promote bikes as an everyday mode of transportation. Breezer Bikes now belongs to Advanced Sports Inc but Joe is still on board with the company as a designer for the Breezer Bikes.