The B.F. Goodrich also known as the Schwinn Excelsior was the main inspiration for the Breezer #1 bike. The B.F. Goodrich as well as other Schwinns from the '30s and '40s can be seen as the "direct ancestors of the mountain bike"(Joe Breeze). The B.F.'s design was the main inspiration for Joe Breeze in creating the very first purpose built mountain bike.

Joe's first klunker was a '41 B.F. Goodrich which he bought for $5. He then replaced the '41 with a '37 B.F. Goodrich which he rode until he built Breezer #1. Many of the riders found the B.F. Goodrich to be one of the best bikes for klunking.

Many of the riders bought their Excelsiors for a few dollars at bike stores, that had old bikes in the back, or from junkyards. Joe bought his '41 for $5 at Banciforte and his '37 for $7 from a junkyard.