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Joe Breeze Archive


Joe Breeze was one of the first off-road riders of Marin county and creator of what is generally recognized as the first purpose-built mountain bike. Breeze is also a staunch advocate for bicycling transporation. He continues to design bikes for Breezer bikes.

The materials in this collection are from Breeze's private collection. Joe Breeze reserves the rights for all materials in this collection. Questions about reproducing, distributing, or otherwise using the materials here should be directed to the site administrator, Sarah McCullough (smcc at ucdavis dot edu), who will route the inquires to the collection owner.


Joe Breeze

Items in the Joe Breeze Archive Collection

This a group picture of the finish of the September 1980 Pearl Pass Tour. They have just finished biking from Crested Butte to Aspen and are now in front to of the Jerome Hotel in Aspen, Colorado. The second photo is a drawing of the first photo with…

Joe Breeze’s Breezer #1 at the bottom of Repack, 1977. This was the first purpose-built chrome-moly mountain bike frame built up with all-new components. These bikes were clunkers no more. Breeze built ten with the conspicuous twin-lateral tubes.…

From Joe Breeze: 1984 hand-drawn map of the course for the Repack Race down Mount Tamalpais. Initial compilation by Joe Breeze, copyrighted by D.S. Livingston.

A drawn blueprint of the second design Joe Breeze made of the Breezer Mountain Bike before he created it. It is dated to May 30, 1977. It was hand drawn by Joe. You can see the twin lateral that the Breezer Series 1 Mark 1 and 2 bikes have. Also…

Early sketches of Breezer #1