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This collection is a repository and resource for those interested in the history and culture of mountain biking.

The materials found here were collected as part of the research project of Sarah Rebolloso McCullough. Sarah received her PhD in Cultural Studies from University of California Davis, and now works as the Associate Director of the Center for the Humanities at UC San Diego. She is working on a book about the origins and growth of mountain biking and articles on mountain bike trail building and access. She also conducts reseach on contemporary bicycling cultures and co-founded Bicicultures.

Materials and exhibits were produced as part of two classes at the University of California Davis and by undergraduate interns. The first class to contribute to the archive was the Freshman Seminar on the History, Culture, and Innovation of Mountain Biking, taught by Professor Joe Dumit and Sarah McCullough in the Spring quarter 2012 at UC Davis. The second class to contribute was the class on Built Environment (STS 165) taught in the Second Summer Session 2012. Huge thanks also go to interns Natalie King, Lisa DiNicolantonio, Brian Lee, Alexandra Craven, and Fernando Valle. They contributed significantly to refining the site and making excellent exhibits. Individual students who added items or built exhibits are credited as contributors in the exhibits and item data.

This site was funded through grants from the UC California Studies Consortium and the UC Davis Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and with internal support from Dr. Susan Handy in the Institute for Transportation Sustainability at UC Davis. 

To read more about the research of Sarah McCullough and her adventures in riding and writing, visit her blog, contact her at, or sign up for periodic updates below.


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